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Jabra are arguably the world leader in headset and lifters for office and mobility requirements. Jabra provide a range of headset and lifters to suit every office worker from reception to executive level. If you communicate over the phone, then you need a Jabra headset.

TDP Communications stock the entire range of Jabra headsets. View the brochure or look at our most popular headsets below.

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Why Jabra?

Why Choose a Jabra Headset?



Experience the freedom and increased efficiency from hands-free communication. With a headset you can continue working productively, while talking with both hands free. Complete multiple tasks quickly and easily, improving the speed of daily work.



All Jabra wireless office headsets digitally encrypt the signal between headset and base. This guarantees conversation confidentiality where you can talk freely, confident that the only people listening in are the ones you’re talking to.


Mobility and rangecco_mobility_icon_70x70

Enjoy freedom of movement with our wireless headsets offering an unparalleled office range of up to 450 feet. Untie yourself from the limitations of traditional office telephones. Create a more efficient workspace where you can talk and still walk around effortlessly gathering information.



Headsets with carefully adjusted acoustics, lightweight structures and ergonomic design plus a selection of wearing styles to match the needs of any user makes it easier and more comfortable to make and take calls at work. A headset provides comfort and helps to avoid aching muscles and neck strain from cradling the telephone handset between head and shoulder.


Sound Claritycco_higher_quality_icon_70x70

Experience consistently superior call sound clarity with Jabra headsets that incorporate the finest in acoustic technology. All headsets feature PeakStop™ technology. Combined with noise-canceling microphones this ensures that you hear and are heard clearly.



Choosing a high-quality Jabra headset gives you full reliability. It will not only save you in replacement costs, but you will also be spared downtime and repair hassles. Jabra headsets are built to last. Every headset is subject to extensive testing before launch, everything from cable flexing over boom arm rotations to acoustic tests. And our standards are as tough as our headsets.


Conference callscco_talk_time_icon_70x70

The Jabra GN9350e and the Jabra PRO™ 9470 offer the optimal solution for conference calling. Up to four people can take part in a wireless conference call by docking their headsets in the base of the caller, and continue to talk with clarity from anywhere in the office environment.

Talk Time

Talk timecco_talk_time_icon_70x70

All Jabra wireless headsets provide day-long talk time with the headset charging in the base between calls. All models in the Jabra GN9300e Series offer interchangeable batteries as an accessory, which enable unlimited talk time, keeping you connected around the clock.

GN 9120

  • Great for open, loud office environments
  • Choice of noise-canceling microphone for reduced background noise and crystal-clear calls
  • Wireless range up to 150 meters

Product Details

GN 9330e

  • Dual functionality for traditional and IP calls with Jabra GN9350e
  • WiFi-friendly interference-free DECT technology
  • Noise-cancelling microphone and wind noise reduction

Product Details

GN 2100

  • Exclusive lightweight design with titanium-look headband
  • Optional true wideband receiver for enhanced sound quality
  • Choice of boom arms and microphones for optimum voice quality even in very noisy environments

Product Details

GN 2000

  • Jabra GN2000 Series
  • Robust design for day-after-day durability
  • Large ear-cushions for extra comfort
  • Noise-cancelling microphone

Product Details